Note : Please make sure that you are using Basecamp 2 before setting up this integration. There are also Basecamp Classic (version 1) and Basecamp 3 (version 3). 

Step 1 – Turn On Basecamp (new) Integration

Go to "Profile & Settings" >> "3rd Party Integration" >> "Basecamp (new)". 

Switch the button to “Yes” to turn on integration (Figure 1)

 Figure 1 

Once you turn on Basecamp (new) integration, you will see a link show up -- “The access token is not set, please click here to get a new access". 

Step 2 – Get Basecamp (new) Access Token

Click the link in “The access token is not set, please click here to get a new access token”, you will see a pop-up confirmation dialog, click Get Access Token (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

You will be directed to Basecamp site and you will see a dialog “Sign in with your 37signals ID” (Figure 3), enter your Basecamp email address and password.

 Figure 3 


Once you are successfully authenticated by Basecamp, you will be asked to grant Worksnaps to access your Basecamp account. Click “Yes, I'll allow access” button to grant access to Worksnaps (Figure 4).

 Figure  4  


You will see the message “Connection to Basecamp is successful” (Figure 5)

 Figure 5 


Step 3 – Sync project and task from Basecamp (new)

Once you have set up your connection with Basecamp, you can click the link in “To sync projects and tasks from your Basecamp (new) account” (Figure 6).

 Figure 6 


You will see a wizard that will guides you through the process to import projects and tasks from Basecamp (Figure 7).

 Figure 7 


Select a project from project list (Figure 8).

 Figure 8 


If the project has tasks (i.e., to-do items in Basecamp), it will display the task list. All tasks in the project will be imported to Worksnaps (Figure 9). 

 Figure 9 


Once the import process has completed, you will see message “Project has been imported successfully” (Figure 10).

 Figure 10 

Now you can go to Manage >> Manage Projects and find your imported projects from Basecamp (Figure 11). 

 Figure 11