Configure Comodo Anti-virus to work with Worksnaps Client

1. If you have Comodo Anti-virus installed on your system, when you install Worksnaps Client, you might see the following warning message. Please click "Allow" button. 


2. When you run Worksnaps Client for the first time, it will give you warning about capturing keyboard, screen. Please click "Allow" button. 


3. During the execution of Worksnaps Client, there will be warning dialog like the following. Please select "Don't isolate it again" so that Worksnaps Client can become a trusted application. 


4. Similar warning dialog will be presented regarding to captureDesktop.exe”,“procUploadDirect.exe”,“WebCamCommandCam.exe”, or "WebCamImageCapture.exe". Please select  "Don't isolate it again" as described in (3). 

5. If you did not select  "Don't isolate it again" in (3) and (4), the corresponding EXE files will appear in the "Unrecognizedc Files" dialog as below. 



6. Now you need to move those files into your Trusted Application as shown below. You select the file names by checking the check-box in front of them, then click "Move to" button --> "Trusted Files". 

7. If the first time you ran Worksnaps Client you selected "Block", or you see that Worksnaps Client running seemingly normally however it could not capture keyboard or mouse counts, you can do the following to fix it. 

    7.1  In "Defence+" window, click "Computer Security Policy". 

    7.2 Switch to "Defense+ Rules" page, click "Add" to open "Application System Activity Control". 

    7.3 Browse to file C:\Program Files (x86)\Worksnaps\capserv.dll, assign it to be "Trusted Application" under the radio button "Use a Predefined Policy" as shown below. 


    7.4 Now the "Computer Security Policy" should look like the following and should contain capserv.dll. 


    7.5 WSClient.exe (the executable for Worksnaps Client) is usually automatically added to "Defense+ Rules" list. However, if you don't see it there, you can add it manually. 
         Click "Add" button, browse to the WSClient.exe file (usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Worksnaps\WSClient.exe), then set "Trusted Application" under radio button "Use a Predefined Policy".


    7.6 Once "Defense+ Rules" has been changed, you need to restart your system. After restarting, Worksnaps Client should be able to work normally.