With the recent upgrade of Chrome (version 34), there is issue with using Chrome to access Worksnaps web application. The symptom is that HTTPS page (such as Log In, Sign Up or any pages in web application) cannot be loaded successfully. It will also temporarily bring down the connection to Worksnaps server. The accessibility will be re-established a couple of minutes later. 

Here we provide a work around to this issue -- 

  • Right click on the short-cut you’re using to start Chrome
  • Select Properties Modify Target from 



...\chrome.exe" --use-spdy=off 

(note: the command line arguments have to go after the quotation marks if there is any.)

  • Click Apply 
  • Clear the Cookies in Chrome and close all Chrome windows 
  • Restart Chrome

After this, you should be use Chrome to access our web application. 

Here is an illustration of the change -- 

If the above is still not working, you can try to use our alternative site www.worksnaps.us to access the web application. 

Meanwhile, we are working on a solution to eventually solve the issue.