This document describes the steps to set up Freshbook project in Worksnaps. In a usual sequence, the administrator of Freshbooks account should perform the steps first, then the users (either Staff user or Contractor user) will perform the same steps. After that they will see each other in Worksnaps. 

Step 1 -- Find your Freshbooks URL and Token

Log into your Freshbooks account. Go to "My Account" and select "Freshbooks API" tab,  you will find Freshbooks API URL and Authentication Token. (See Figure 1)

Figure 1

Step 2 -- Enter your Freshbook URL and Token in Worksnaps. 

Log into your Worksnaps account, go to "Profile & Settings" >> "3rd Party Integration" >> "Freshbooks". Switch to "Yes" for "Freshbooks Integration", then enter the Freshbooks API URL and Token in Step 1 to the form. 

Figure 2

Then click "Test Connection" button to test the connection to Freshbooks. If successful, you will see this dialog box (Figure 3). 

Figure 3

Then click on "Save Configuration" button to save the settings. 

Now you are ready to import projects/tasks from Freshbooks. 

Step 3 -- Import Project from Freshbooks

Click the sync projects and tasks link at the bottom of the page (Figure 4). Then a wizard will guide you to import projects and tasks from Freshbooks (Figure 5). 

Figure 4

Figure 5

Step 4 -- Verify that your project has been imported. 

Go to "Manage" tab >> "Manage Projects". Make sure your Freshdesk project is there. It should show up with a label indicating that it is a Freshdesk project (Figure 6). 

Figure 6

Once a Freshbooks administrator has perform the above steps to import the necessary projects, he should ask his users (either Staff user or Contractor user) to perform the same steps with their own Freshbook URL and API Token


Please note that a Contractor user in Freshbooks has a different URL than the Administrator user and the Contractor user is in a completely different space. The connection between the Contractor user and the Administrator user is that they share the same project name, which is the project that the Administrator assigns the Contractor to when he creates/invites the Contractor user. However, the projects are actually two different projects in Freshbooks. As a result, when a Contractor user imports his Freshbooks project into Worksnaps, a new project with the same name will be created. We will put the Administrator to the Contractor's project as an "Observer" user so that he can see the Contractor's work in Worksnaps. That is why in Figure 6, there are two Freshbooks project named "Web site redesign". The one the user is a Manager of is imported by the user himself. The one the user is an Observer of is imported by the Contractor user. The user will be able to see the Contractor user's time in the project that he is an Observer of. 

Step 5 -- Set up Time Sync from Worksnaps to Freshbooks 

If a user who logs time wishes to sync the time logged on Worksnaps into Freshbooks, he can set up the time sync as following. 

Note: This operation is for the users who logs time (usually the Contractor user in Freshbooks), not the Manager (or Administrator). 

To turn on Time Sync, go to "Profile & Settings" >> "3rd Party Integration" >> "Freshbooks". Click the link at the bottom of the page to turn on the Time Sync from Worksnaps to Freshbooks (Figure 7). The a pop-up dialog will show up. Select "Yes" for "Turn on time sync with Freshbooks", then click "Confirm" to save (Figure 8).

After this is done, you logged time will be sync'ed to Freshbooks on a daily basis. 

Figure 7

Figure 8

Step 6 -- Check the Time Sync'ed to Freshbooks. 

If time sync has been set up for a user who logs time, the time will show up in Freshbooks in the user's own Time Sheet and in the Team Time Sheet of the Manager's account. 

The following is an example. 

  • The user logs 240 minutes in Worksnaps on 05/29/2014 -- 

Figure 9

  • After the time is synced to Freshbooks, the user sees the time in his Freshbooks Time Sheet -- 

Figure 10

  • Meanwhile, the Manager (Administrator) also sees the same time in Team Timesheets (Team Timesheets is a roll-up view of all the time logged by the Contractor users) -- 

Figure 11

There is a link in the Notes that you can follow to show the logged time in Worksnaps. The link does not require authentication, which is convenient for the Freshbooks users who do not have Worksnaps account to review the time (for example, your clients).