Sometimes you have logged time that you do not want to report as work time. In such cases, you need remove these time slots. Here is how you can remove the unwanted time. 


1. Go to Track Time page (Figure 1).



 Figure 1 

2. Select a specific project in the project drop-down at top right (make sure that you are not selecting "All Projects") (Figure 2)


 Figure 2 

3. Check the time slots you want to delete by check the check-boxes associated with the time slots (Figure 3). 


 Figure 3 


4. Go to "Actions" drop-down in the tool bar and you will find "Delete Time" (Figure 4). Click Delete Time and  a confirm dialog will pop up to confirm the deletion (Figure 5).


 Figure 4 



 Figure 5 

 Here is an animated illustration

(Click to enlarge and play it in a separate window)