You can set a weekly limit to control the total time logged by all the users in the project. It is a convenient way for you to control the budget and avoid being charged for surprisingly large hours. 

A weekly limit is allotted for all the users in a project and is applicable for the period of a week. Once the weekly project limit is reached during a week, no user can log time anymore until the new week starts or manager increases the weekly limit. 

User Weekly limit is carried over to the subsequent weeks until you change it.

Worksnaps also has a mechanism to control the total time logged by a single user in all your projects, named User Weekly Limit. This provides another angle for you to easily control your budget. For more details about User Weekly Limit, click here

How to set Project Weekly Limit

1.  go to "Manage" >> "Manage Projects" page, find the project you want to set and click edit button (Figure 1):

 Figure 1 

2. Click "Preferences" section in edit a project page (Figure 2):

 Figure 2 

3. Switch Support Project Weekly Limit to Yes and Input number in hours for the  “Project Weekly Limit” field (Figure 3), click Save Changes button

 Figure 3 

4. Now the project weekly limit will start to take effect and controls the total number of hours that can be logged by all the users in the project for each week. 

What will happen if Project Weekly Limit is reached 

Once the Project Weekly Limit is reached, the user will receive a message on the Worksnaps Client side informing him that he cannot log time in the specific project anymore (Figure 4). Then the user has to select a new project to log time to (Figure 5). 

 Figure 4 

 Figure 5 

Likewise, when a user tries to add offline after the Project Weekly Limit is reached, he will see an error message and won't be able to do so because the weekly limit has been exceeded for the project he is trying to add offline to (Figure 6). 

 Figure 6