If your machine have 360 Total Security,  you may find the logged time slots idle due to keyboard/mouse events cannot be captured. (Figure 1).


 Figure 1 

 Please open 360 Total Security Settings dialog by clicking on 360 Total Security icon in the task tray to bring up the menu, then choose Settings (Figure 2).

 (360 icon)

 Figure 2 

 Open Settings -> Trust and Block -> Block list dialog. If you find capserv.dll or other Worksnaps files were blocked, please remove them (Figure 3).

 Figure 3 

 Then switch to Trust list dialog. Please add the following 5 files to Trust list from Worksnaps installed path (Figure 4):

  • capserv.dll
  • wsclient.exe
  • procuploaddirect.net20.exe
  • procuploaddirect.net45.exe
  • capturedesktop.exe
  • procupload.exe


Usually, you find these files in the Worksnaps installation path, for example,  C:\Program Files\Worksnaps.

 Figure 4 

 Then reboot the OS and launch Worksnaps again.

If you see the following warning dialog, Please don’t select “Block all”, Please click “Allow” (Figure 5). Then mouse/keyboard activity should be captured by Worksnaps client. 

 Figure 5