If your machine have 360 Total Security,  you may find the logged time slots idle due to keyboard/mouse events cannot be captured. (Figure 1).


 Figure 1 

2  Please open 360 Total Security Settings dialog by clicking on 360 icon  in the task tray to bring up the menu, then choose Settings (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

3  Open Settings -> Trust and Block -> Block list dialog. If you find capserv.dll or other Worksnaps files were blocked, please remove them (Figure 3).

 Figure 3 

4  Then switch to Trust list dialog. Please add the following 5 files to Trust list from Worksnaps installed path (Figure 4):







Usually, you find these files in the Worksnaps installation path, for example,  C:\Program Files\Worksnaps.

 Figure 4 

5  Then reboot the OS and launch Worksnaps again.

6  If you see the following warning dialog, Please don’t select “Block all”, Please click “Allow” (Figure 5). Then mouse/keyboard activity should be captured by Worksnaps client. 

 Figure 5