Here are a few important things that a contractor needs to know about Worksnaps. 

1.  What is Worksnaps ?

Worksnaps is a time tracking service that helps to track time with work evidence, such as screen shots, keyboard/mouse volume, active application used and optionally webcam images. 

2.  Why do I need to use Worksnaps ?

By using Worksnaps, you can ensure that your time and proof of work are captured and can be shown to your manager or employer for billing purpose. 

3.  How do I use Worksnaps to track my time?

You use Worksnaps Client, which is a software program that runs on your computer to track your time. 

4.  What do I need to keep in mind when recording my time?

You need to start Worksnaps Client when you start working so that it can record your time and work activity. You can pause it when you take a break and resume it when you get back to work. Or you can simply let it run during the break. In such case, it records the idle time which will not accounted as your work time. That is fine too. 

5.  What if I forget to start Worksnaps Client or forget to resume it after a break?

In such case, no time and work will be recorded until you restart or resume Worksnaps Client. For the time that you miss to track, you can add it as self-reported Offline Time. Offline Time does not have work activity associated with them, therefore you might need to be prepared to explain it to your manager. 

6.  Is Worksnaps spying on me? 

Worksnaps is not designed to be a spying program. However, it does capture some information such as screen shots, mouse/keyboard volume (not the actual keystrokes), active application names, optionally webcam images (if you turn it on explicitly). It is for reporting work to your manager. There is some give-away of privacy due to the tracking nature. However this type of tracking is necessary for providing evidence to your manager as proof of your work. We believe that this is important to ensure trust and accountability in remote work. 

7.  How can I protect my privacy?

We have built a number of ways in Worksnaps to protect your privacy. Here is an article talking about how you can utilize the features in Worksnaps to achieve tracking while ensuring your privacy --