Sometimes, when logging time, you want to log time without publishing it to the manager first. You want to review the time slots and remove the unwanted ones before making them visible to the manager. In such case, you want to use "Private Mode" feature. To log time in Private Mode, you can follow these steps. 


1. Go to Manage  >> Manage Projects Tab (Figure 1)


 Figure 1 


2. Select a specific project and click edit button associated with project (Figure 2)


 Figure 2 


3. Click Preferences on the left (Figure 3)


 Figure 3 


4. You will see "Your Private Mode" drop-down, you can select "Yes" and click "Save changes" button to save your selected value (Figure 4)


 Figure 4 


Now you have enabled Private Mode for this specific project. You can log time in Private Mode. 


6. Log in Worksnaps client and select project which you just turn on Private Mode (Figure 5), You will see "Your Privacy mode is on" message on the dialog (Figure 6).



 Figure 5 


 Figure 6 


7. Once time is logged, the time slots will be marked with Private label (Figure 7). This means the time slots are only visible to you but not to your manager. 

Please be noted that the private time is not accounted as work time until you make it visible to your manager. Use the next step to make it visible. 


 Figure 7 


8. In order to make the private time slots visible to your manager, select the screenshots which are marked with Private label and click Action >> Make Private Time Visible (Figure 8). Once you have confirmed the action, the selected time slots now become viewable to your manager as you can see that the Private label is not there anymore (Figure 9).

 Figure 8 


 Figure 9