After you have created a project, you will usually need to do another step, that is inviting users to your project. You can follow these steps to do it. 

1. Go to Manage page and then click Manage Users Tab (Figure 1)

  Figure 1 

2. Click Invite New User button and then go to Invite a user page (Figure 2)

 Figure 2 

3. You will be presented a form (Figure 3) for inviting a new user into your project. Fill in the required fields (marked by red asterisk). Then select a project from the list to invite the user into. Then you can select one or more tasks to assign to the user (this is optional but it would save you some work later if you know what tasks you want to give to the user). Then you can select one of these roles -- Member, Manager and Observer. You can also enter a invitation message to send to the user. Once all the fields are filled out, just click Invite the User button. You will see the user in your list (Figure 4). An email will be sent out to the user for him to join your project. 

 Figure 3 

 Figure 4 

4. Once the invited user receives the invitation mail and clicks link in the mail, he will be brought to Worksnaps site to join your project. He can either sign up a new account first (if he does not have one already), or he can use his existing credentials to log in (if he already has an account). Then he will be asked to join your project. Once he confirms to join, he will be placed in the project you invited him into. Then you will be see him in your Active User list of the project as shown in Figure 5. 

 Figure 5 

Note: If you user hasn't received the invitation email after a sufficient length of time, you can try a couple of things. 

Differences between Invite User into Project and Directly Create New User 

Invite User into Project -- An invitation email will be sent to the invited user. An account will not be created until the user clicks the link in the invitation email and create a new Worksnaps account by himself. He can pick his own Worksnaps login and password. If the user already have a Worksnaps account, he can also follow the link in the email and use his existing credentials to sign in, then join the project using his existing account. 


Directly Create New User -- You instantly create an account (with login and password) for your user and place him into your project. The user will receive an email with his Worksnaps credentials and he can simply use the already created login and password to log into Worksnaps.