After you have created a project, you can create a new user in your project. Here is how you do it. 


1. Go to Manage page and then click Manage Users Tab (Figure 1).


 Figure 1 

2. Click Create New User button and then go to Create New User page (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

3. You will be presented a form (Figure 3) for the new user into your project. Fill in the required fields (marked by red asterisk). It is important to pick a easy-to-remember login for your user, and you also need to create a password for the user. Then select a project from the list to invite the user into. Then you can select one of these roles -- Member, Manager and Observer. Once all the fields are filled out, just click Submit button. You will see the user in your list (Figure 4). An email will be sent out to the user to inform him about his new Worksnaps account that you create for him. 

 Figure 3 

 Figure 4 

4. The user will receive an email about his new Worksnaps account you create for him. The email will contain the credentials (login and password) that he can use to sign in to Worksnaps. Once he signs in, he will be able to see the project you assign to him.