Sometimes you might want to suspend Worksnaps client because 

(1) You want to do some personal things on your computer

(2) You are going to take a coffee break

(3) You are taking a phone call and will work off computer for a bit

(4) etc ...

Or you want to completely stop Worksnaps client because you have done with your work for the day. 

Here is how you can suspend or stop logging time. 

1. Find the Worksnaps icon in the task tray (Figure 1) 

 Figure 1  

2. Right click on the Worksnaps icon. (On MAC, you just need to click on it.) This will bring up a pop-up menu (Figure 2).

 Figure 2  

3. Choose Suspend menu item to suspend Worksnaps client, or choose Log Out to completely sign out from Worksnaps client. 

4. After you have suspended Worksnaps client, when you bring up the pop-up menu the Resume menu item will become active. You then can select Resume to resume logging time.