After you have logged time (either by using Worksnaps Client to log online time or by manually adding offline time), you can modify your logged time by changing the task associated with it and/or the notes. Here is how you do it.  

1. Go to "Track Time" page.

2. Select a specific project in the project drop-down at the top right. This would be the project in which you are trying to modify time. (Please do not select "All Projects") (Figure 1)

 Figure 1 

3. Select the time slots you want to modify by checking the check-boxes, and choose "Modify Time " in "Actions" drop-down (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

4. A pop-up browser dialog will come up (Figure 3) that allows you to select the task you want to change to and optionally a note you want to enter. Fill in the information and click confirm button.

 Figure 3 

5. Once you confirm the modification, you can see the time slots shown with the task and note you have modified to (Figure 4).

 Figure 4