If permitted by your manager, you also can add offline time for yourself. Offline time is for the time that you spend off the computer (i.e., not captured by Worksnaps client), such as making phone calls, attending meetings, reading documents and etc. 

Here is how you can add offline time for yourself. 

1. Go to Track Time page.

2. Select a specific project in the project drop-down at the top right. This would be the project you are adding time to (Figure 1). (Note: Please do not select "All Projects".)

 Figure 1 

3. Choose Add Time in Actions drop-down (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

4. A pop-up window will come up with a wizard to guide you through adding offline time. You can simply follow the instructions to add offline time for yourself (Figure 3, Figure 4 and Figure 5).

 Figure 3 

 Figure 4 

 Figure 5 

5. Once you confirm in the last step, the offline time will be added. The Track Time page will refresh and you should see the added offline (Figure 6).

 Figure 6