Sometimes you might want to assign multiple projects to multiple users at once. There is a convenient way for you to do this. 

1. Go to Manage tab and then go to Manage Projects page (Figure 1)

 Figure 1 

2. Click Edit button to go into a specific project. Then click Tasks in the left navigation to see the task list in the project (Figure 2).

 Figure 2 

3. Click Assign Multiple Tasks button, then you will see a page where you can select multiple tasks and multiple users (Figure 3). 

3a) You can click into the field Select Task(s) to Assign will give you a drop-down list where you can select multiple projects. 

3b) You can select the users that you want to assign the tasks to by checking the names. 

3c) Click the Submit button to commit the task assignments. 

Please Note: Here you are only assigning the selected tasks to selected users. For the users in the list that are not selected, their tasks will not be altered. In other words, for the users that are not selected, the selected tasks will not be unassigned from them if they are currently assigned those tasks. 

 Figure 3 

4. You will be returned to the task list page where you can see the task assignments. It should reflect the change you just make (Figure 4)

 Figure 4