You can customize the company logo that shows up at the top left of the web pages. The followings are the steps to do so. 

1) Log into Worksnaps Web site and click Profile & Settings on top menu, current default company logo is standard Worksnaps logo (Figure 1).

 Figure 1 

2) Select User Information tab under Profile & Settings (Figure 2).

   Figure 2 

3) You can find Company Logo field on the page, there is no company logo shown here by default (Figure 3)

   Figure 3 

4) Click Change Logo link which will open a panel to allow you to select an image file to replace the company logo (Figure 4).

 Figure 4 

5) Click Browse button and select a image file from your local computer. The image file can be of jpg, jpeg, gif and png format. Then the file will be uploaded to the server and the page will refresh to show your company logo (Figure 5 and Figure 6). 

 Figure 5 

  Figure 6