Sometimes, you need to make some tasks automatically assigned to new users that join a project. This way, it will saves the amount of work for manually assigning tasks to new users. Also it reduces the chance that you forget to assign tasks to new users in a project. 

1. Go to Manage tab and select Manage Project ( Figure 1 )


  Figure 1 

2. click Tasks in the left navigation to open the task list in the project ( Figure 2 )

 Figure 2   

3. Click Create New Task button to bring up the page to add a new task ( Figure 3 ). You can see the option Automatically assign this task to new user(s). This option is off by default. You can turn it on if you want the task to be automatically assigned to new users. 

 Figure 3 

4. Enter the necessary information such as task name, task description and etc. Click Submit button to create the task. ( Figure 4 ). 

 Figure 4 

5. You will be brought back to the task list page after task is created successfully. If the auto-assign flag is set on for the new task, you will see a label marking such ( Figure 5 ). 

When a new user joins the project (either by accepting invitation to the project or by manager creating a new user in the project), the new user will be assigned the tasks that have been set to be auto assigned. 

 Figure 5 

6. Once you have configured some tasks to be auto-assigned to new users in a project, when you create a new user in the project or add an existing user to the project, the user will be automatically assigned to those tasks. Also, when you invite an user to a project, those auto-assigned tasks will be automatically checked by default ( Figure 6 ). In this case, you still have the freedom to change the tasks you wish to assign to the new user you are about to invite. 

 Figure 6 

Please note -- If the option All users in the project share tasks is set to Yes for a project, the auto-assigned tasks will be masked since any user in the project will see all the tasks anyways ( Figure 7 ).

 Figure 7