An account owner can delegate project creation to another user (see this article for details). If you are delegated by an account owner to create (and manager) projects on behalf of him, here is what you will do to create projects for the account owner. 

1. Go to Manage tab, then select Manage Projects ( Figure 1 ). The click Create New Project button. 

   Figure 1 

2. You will be brought to the page to create new project. If you are delegated by an account owner, you will see a drop-down list to select whether you want to create new project for yourself or on behalf of the other account owner ( Figure 2 ). 

 Figure 2 

3. If you want to create the new project on behalf of the other account owner, just select the account owner's name. Then fill in the necessary information about the new project ( Figure 3 ). 

 Figure 3 

4. Once the new project is created, you will see it in the project list. There is a label "Creator" that marks that you created the project ( Figure 4 ). Also, you have the permission to edit/archive/delete the project. 

Please note that the project is still owned by the user who delegated you to create this project. The owner user has the full control of the project as well. 

Please also note that the users in this project are subjected to the user quota of the owner user. 

 Figure 4