Users are working in different time zones. Date and time format in different regions are different. Also, some regions have daylight saving time during the summer while others don't. Therefore, you want to be able to set things up so that the logged time is shown the way you want to. Here are the few things that you can configure to achieve that. 

1.   Go to Profile & Settings tab in top menu ( Figure 1 ) and then select User Information

    Figure 1 

2. Find Timezone and Date and Time Display Format fields, you can open drop-down lists and select the format you want. If you are in day light saving time now, you need to select "I am in daylight time now" in "Daylight Time" drop down. Then click Save Changes button to commit the change. ( Figure 2 ,  Figure 3 ,  Figure 4 ).

Note: We cannot automatically detect the daylight saving for you because daylight saving is highly geographical location dependent. Therefore you have to set the flag yourself based on the daylight saving enacted in your region. 

 Figure 2     

 Figure 3     

 Figure 4  

3. Once you saved the settings, the data will be displayed according to your settings for various pages including Dashboard, Track Time and Report pages. 

A Note about Daylight Saving Time 

In many countries, there is Daylight Saving Time which starts in early spring and ends in late autumn. If you are in such region that employs Daylight Saving Time, you need to turn on the Daylight Saving flag in your Worksnaps profile so that the time displayed is adjusted according to the Daylight Saving Time. When Daylight Saving Time ends, you need to turn off the Daylight Saving flag in your profile for the time to displayed correctly. The step to turn on and off the Daylight Saving flag is documented above (Figure 3). You have to do it manually because Worksnaps does not know which country or region you are in therefore it is not possible to automatically adjust it for you. 

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