To view the details of your logged time or your managed users' time, you will go to Track Time page. Here is how to understand the overall stats shown at the top of the page. 

 Figure 1 

1. Total Time - This number indicates how much active time the user has logged. In other words, it is the user's total work hours. It includes the active time logged by Worksnaps client as well the offline time added by the user. 

2. Online Time - This number indicates how much active online time the user has logged by Worksnaps client. The time logged by Worksnaps client contains verifiable information such as screen shots, keyboard/mouse volume and sampled actively used applications. 

3. Activity Index - This number indicates how active the user interacts with the computer during the active online time. In this example, it tells you that approximately 69% of the time the user is using computer (using mouse or keyboard) during the 560 minutes of active online time. If Activity Index of a time slot is 0, the time slot is considered to be Idle Time (see below). 

4. Offline Time - This number indicates how much offline the user has added manually. Offline time is the time that user claims to be working but not recorded by Worksnaps client as active online time. The user claims that during the offline time he/she is working without interacting with computer. Such cases might include making phone calls, jotting notes, discussing with coworkers, thinking and etc. In some cases, the user claims offline time due to forgetting to use Worksnaps client to log time. 

5. Idle Time - This number indicates how much time was recorded by Worksnaps client and the user does not have any computer activity for such time periods. This is not accounted as work hours. They are there to show that the user indeed does not have any computer activity therefore deem to be idle. 

6. Monthly Calendar - The calendar shows the time frame of a month. The dates on which the user has worked are indicated with the green bar. This gives you an a month's overview about which dates the user has worked and the work length on those dates. Hovering the mouse over the dates with green bar will show the time logged on the date.