On Track Time page, you have a number of controls that you can use to select the information you want to view. Here is the explanation. 

 Figure 1 

1. Project Selector -- You can use this to select a project to view the logged time in it. You can also select "All Projects" to see the logged time across all the projects. 

2. User Selector -- You can use this to select a user to view his/her logged time. 

3. Monthly Calendar and Date Picker -- The calendar shows the time frame of a month. The dates on which the user has worked are indicated with the green bar. This gives you an a month's overview about which dates the user has worked and the work length on those dates. Hovering the mouse over the dates with green bar will show the time logged on the date. Clicking on a specific day will load the time logged for the date. The Date Picker works the same way. 

4. Task Filter -- Once you have selected a project (or All Projects) and a user to view the time, the tasks that the time was logged against will be listed in the Task Filter drop-down list. You can select a specific task to view the time logged only to the selected task. 

5. Time Zone -- You can choose a different time zone to view the time. By default the viewing time zone is the time zone set in your profile. If you are managing users, quite likely your users will be in different time zones. You can either view the logged time based on your time zone, or your users' time zone, or any time zone you select. Please note that the logged time will shift if you use different time zones. For example, a logged screen shot shows in 9:00 and 9:10 time slot on July 8 when viewed with GMT-8 time zone. It will show in 13:00-13:10 time slot on July 9 if viewed with GMT+8 time zone. 

6. Actions -- There are several actions you can do such as adding time, deleting time, modifying time, show inactive time slots and etc. They are explained in other help documents. 

7. View Types -- You can view the logged time either by Grid view (the default), or by Line view. This control allows you to toggle between the two.