In many cases, the owner of a Worksnaps account is also the person who manages projects and places users into the projects. In other cases, an account owner might not be the same person who manages projects and users. For example, a finance manager creates a Worksnaps account and sets up the payment for the service, however the responsibility of setting up projects and users belongs to another person in the organization. In this scenario, the account owner can delegate managing projects and users to other people, while projects created by the a delegated person are still owned by the account owner therefore accounted towards the owner’s subscription quota.

Here is how to delegate managing projects to another user.

  • Go to Manage >> Manage Users
  • Edit the user whom you want to delegate
  • Select Basic Info tab on the left
  • You will see an option “Allow this user to create project on behalf of myself“. You can turn on the option (Figure 1). 

 Figure 1 

Once this is done, the user (in the above example, Jane Stein) can create projects on your behalf. You can delegate up to 3 such users.

You can see the delegated users with a label on the user list (Figure 2). 

 Figure 2 

Here is how Jane Stein sees when she is trying to create a project. She will have a drop-down list to choose whether she wants to create a project for herself or for Jack Spear who allowed her to create project on his behalf. (Figure 3)

 Figure 3