Each user in a project has a role (Manager, Member or Observer). Each role has a default set of permissions on what a user with that role is allowed to view or do. Here is an article to explain those in detail. In additional to that, Worksnaps also allows you to override the default permissions. For example, if you have a user who is a Manager. By default he can see the screen shots of every Member user in the project. However, you might want only allow him to manage some of the users. In such case, you can use the permission matrix described below to set it up the way you want. 

Here is an example that shows you how to do it. (The current user is Jack Spear, who is the owner of the account.) 

  • Go to Manage >> Manage Projects.
  • Edit the target project. Then select the Permissions tab.
  • You will see a matrix that shows who can see whose screen shots. 
  • There are 2 Manager users (Jack Spear and Alan Tam) in the project. By default, both of them can see the screen shots of everyone in the project (Figure 1). 
  • If you want Alan Tam to manage only Cole Swanson and Helen Young but not Jonathan Doerr, you can find the row that has the name of Alan Tam. This role contains the permissions assigned to Alan Tam. You can then uncheck the Everyone column (the column name is in the first row), then check the checkbox for the columns Cole Swanson and Helen Young (Figure 2). 
  • The changes will be highlighted in yellow. Once you review the change and make sure that it is correct, click Save button to commit the change. 

 Figure 1 

 Figure 2