This article shows you how to link your JIRA account with your Worksnaps account and how to import projects and issues from JIRA into Worksnaps.


Step 1. Pre-configuration in JIRA

1. Go to your JIRA site and  Log into JIRA account,  and then click on the Jira Setting in the top right corner  (Figure 1).

  Figure 1 

2. Select Products in the left navigation bar (Figure 2)

 Figure 2 

3. Click Application links in the left navigation bar (Figure 3)

 Figure 3 

4. Open Configure Application Links page and then input "" into Application input box (Figure 4), then click Create new link button.

 Figure 4 

5. Open Configure Application URL dialog, and default value is "" in Entered URL input box and it is disabled; we need to input "" in the New URL input box (Figure 5)

 Figure 5 

6. Click Continue button, it will pop up Configure Application URL dialog with updated text. We do not need change anything here, just click Continue button to go next step (Figure 6)

 Figure 6 

7. Open Link applications dialog, there are two fields marked with red star -- Application Name and Application Type. Input whatever you want in the Application Name (such as "JIRA Integration with Worksnaps"), and select Generic Application in Application Type drop-down list (Figure 7). Then click Continue button. It will bring you back to Configure Application Links web page

 Figure 7 

8. Click the  Edit link associated with created application name in the last step (Figure 8)

 Figure 8 

9. You will see a dialog titled Configure JIRA integration with Worksnaps, click Incoming Authentication on the left and input Consumer Key, Consumer Name and Public Key under OAuth tab, It is important to note that Consumer Key and Public Key have to be exactly like the below values (Figure 9).

Consumer Key: dpf43f3p2l4k3l03

Public Key:       MIGfMA0GCSqGSIb3DQEBAQUAA4GNADCBiQKBgQC0YjCwIfYoprq/FQO6lb3asXrxLlJFuCvtinTF5p0GxvQGu5O3gYytUvtC2JlYzypSRjVxwxrsuRcP3e641SdASwfrmzyvIgP08N4S0IFzEURkV1wp/IpH7kH41EtbmUmrXSwfNZsnQRE5SYSOhh+LcK2wyQkdgcMv11l4KoBkcwIDAQAB

Consume Namecan be "worksnaps" (or any meaning name you choose).

Input all required fields and then click Save button, and then click Close button to close the dialog.

 Figure 9 

Now all configurations on JIRA site should be done, we then go to Worksnaps site to do import project

Step2. Import Project in Worksnaps

1. Log into Worksnaps account from a browser, go to Profile & Settings and click 3rd Party Integration tab, then click JIRA tab (Figure 10).

 Figure 10 


2. Switch JIRA Integration from No to Yes,  then input JIRA URL  (Figure 11). then click Save Changes button.

Figure 11

3. Click the click here link, it will pop up a Confirm dialog to let you start testing the connection to JIRA. Click Start Test button, a dialog will pop up and bring you to JIRA site (Figure 13). Authenticate yourself on JIRA (if asked), then click Allow button. Then you will see a message showing that connection to JIRA is successful (Figure 14).

 Figure 12 

 Figure 13 

 Figure 14 

4. In Advanced Actions, click the link to sync projects and tasks (Figure 15). You will see a pop-up dialog (Figure 16).

 Figure 15 

 Figure 16 

5. Click Next button and you will be able to select a project in JIRA to import (Figure 17). Select the desired project, then click Next button and you will see the task list (issues) in the project (Figure 18). Click Next to complete the import of the project and its associated tasks (Figure 19).

 Figure 17 

 Figure 18 

6.Click Import Project button. The selected project and the associated tasks will be imported into Worksnaps (Figure 19).

 Figure 19 

7. You can import the necessary projects by repeating the above steps. Once you are done, you can go to Manage >> Manage Projects tab and see the imported project from JIRA. Depending on what your role in JIRA is, you can be either a Member or a Manager in the imported project (Figure 20).

Note: If you are a manager, and you want to see your JIRA users in Worksnaps, you need to ask your users to perform the same steps as described above (i.e., establishing connection between Worksnaps JIRA and importing projects/tasks using their own JIRA credentials). Once your users import the same project(s), you will be able to see them in the project(s) in Worksnaps.

 Figure 20 

8. The time sync option is off default (Figure 21), you need to turn on it.

Figure 21

9. Select Yes for turn on option and click Confirm button (Figure 22).

Figure 22

10. Refresh the web page, you will see "You have turned on the time sync to" (Figure 23).

Figure 23