Step 1 - Get a New Access Token 

1. In Worksnaps, go to Profile & Settings >> 3rd-Party Integration >> Asana, Switch Asana Integration to Yes (Figure 1)

 Figure 1 

2. Then click the link Click here under Advanced Actions section to establish an access token with Asana. There will be a confirmation pop-up (Figure 2). Click Get Access Token button to proceed. Then you will be brought to Asana Log In page (Figure 3) ,

 Figure 2 

Figure 3

3. Input your Email Address & Password for your Asana account, click Log in button. If the credentials is verified by Asana, you will see the page saying "Connection to Asana is successfull".(Figure 4). You can close the dialog window and now your connection with Asana has been established. 

 Figure 4 

Step 2 - Sync Projects and Tasks from Asana

Once you have established connection with Asana, you can click the link to sync projects and tasks with Asana (Figure 5).

 Figure 5 

A wizard will guide you through the process to import projects and tasks from Asana (Figure 6,7,8,9, and 10).

 Figure 6 

 Figure 7 

 Figure 8 

 Figure 9 

 Figure 10 

Once a project is imported, you should be able to see it on Manage >> Manage Projects page and you will be able to log time to the project.