Sometimes, a user does not always use computer to do his work. For example, one might need to make phone calls, have meetings, read documents, or write notes. These tasks are not necessarily performed using computer.  In other cases, the user might be on computer doing Skype call, Zoom/WebEx meeting, or other online activity that do not necessary require mouse/keyboard clicks. In order to facilitate the tracking of these activities, you can create a task that is Always-Active. When a user logs time by selecting an Always-Active task, the time logged is always considered to be active, regardless whether the user has been interacting with the computer or not. This way, when a user needs to go to do work off the computer or join the long online meetings, he can simply switch the task to an Always-Active task and keep logging his work time. 

Here is how you, as a manager, can set up Always-Active task. 

1. Go to Manage >> Manage Projects. Select a project to edit. Then select Tasks in the left navigation. 

2. Add a new task or edit an existing task. 

3. You will see an option Make this task Always-Active in the task form. Turn the option to "Yes" and save the task (Figure 1). 


 Figure 1 

4. After you save the task, you should see an indication that the task is Always-Active in the task list (Figure 2). 


 Figure 2 

 Figure 1 

 Figure 1 

5. Your users will be able to choose the task to log time. There is no change in the user experience when logging time, other than that the user needs to be aware of selecting an Always-Active task. So, we recommend that you name the tasks to reflect such nature. Some examples are "Non computer work", "Phone calls and meetings", "Research (active work time)", "Paid lunch break" etc. 

6. For the time that your users have logged using Always-Active task, the time will always be treated as active regardless whether the user has interaction with the computer or not. Here is an example (Figure 3). 


 Figure 3 

As you can see, the time logged with Always-Active tasks are indicated with slightly different green color and this iconilCm4tJ9jGB0RwYBL-pekPzmr0xjdcRDPw.jpg , also the activity meter always shows full strength.