If your machine have installed Baidu Antivirus, and you find your Worksnaps client can't capture keyboard/mouse events causing logged time slots being idle (Figure 1), please following the below instruction to change Baidu Antivirus setting.

Figure 1

1. Please open Baidu Antivirus by clicking on Baidu Antivirus icon in the task tray, then choose Trusted (Figure 2).

Figure 2

2. Open Trusted -> Proactive Defense dialog. If you find capserv.dll or other Worksnaps files were Denied, please trust them (Figure 3).

Figure 3

3. Then reboot the OS and launch Worksnaps Client again.

4. If you see the following warning dialog, Please don’t select “Reject”, Please click “trust this file” and select always remember my choice.(Figure 4). After this, mouse/keyboard activity should be captured by Worksnaps Client.

Figure 4