1. Install Worksnaps Beta using the installation package. 

2. Launch Worksnaps Beta from desktop or Window menu by clicking on Worksnaps Client (beta) icon. (Please note that there is a beta label)

3. You will see this Login dialog box, click on the gear icon at the bottom right of the dialog. 

4. You will see the Preferences dialog. Choose Connection, then enter "https://www.worksnaps.net" into the field. Click Save button to close the Preferences dialog. 

5. You now go back to Login dialog. Enter your username and password and click SIGN IN button.

6. You will see a dialog box that allow you to select a project and task. Select your project and task and click Start button. 

7. Now Worksnaps client is running. You will see a widget at the bottom right of your screen. (You can click minimize button to close the widget if you want).