On Fedora 26, Worksnaps Client supports 32-bit and 64-bit Java environment. However, you need to have the official Oracle Java environment as apposed to OpenJRE. 

If you do not have Oracle Java environment, please use the following steps to install and configure it.

1. Download latest Oracle Java from the following URL, such as "jre-9.0.1_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz". (Figure 1)


 Figure 1 

2. Decompress the ".gz" file by "tar -xzvf jre-9.0.1_linux-x64_bin.tar.gz". (Figure 2)

 Figure 2 

3. Switch to "/etc/alternatives" directory. (Figure 3)

 Figure 3 

4. Remove old java environment by "sudo rm java". (Figure 4)

 Figure 4 

5. Create new Java link by command "sudo ln -s /home/sky/Downloads/jre-9.0.1/bin/java java" (please replace your java path). (Figure 5)

 Figure 5 

6. Run "java -version" to check current java environment. (Figure 6)

 Figure 6 

7.Switch to Worksnaps directory and run Worksnaps Client by command "./run.sh". (Figure 7)

 Figure 7 

8. The Worksnaps Client dialog will appear when the Java environment is normal. (Figure 8)

 Figure 8 

9. In Fedora 26, maybe the new Gnome Desktop session have compatibility issue with capture screen command, the capture screen is black with Java or other Linux capture screen command, such as Scrot. If you encounter such issue, please select "GNOME on Xorg" to login. (Figure 9)

 Figure 9