In Fedora 25 and Ubuntu17.10, user maybe get black screen shot by Worksnaps Client. Because Fedora 25 and Ubuntu 17.10 use a new display server Walyland which is a new generation display server and will replace old X11. Currently, Wayland doesn’t support screen capture with normal apps, like Linux command Scrot, Shutter.

“One of the features of Wayland is its security design, which helps to guard the user against malicious apps. Apps can no longer see everything on the screen and spy on you. But that also means you cannot run a common application (like shutter or gtk-recordmydesktop) and use it to make a screenshot or a screencast of your desktop – it will see only its own window, but nothing else (or it might crash right away). System (trusted) apps need to be used to perform these actions.

Furthermore, there is no standard API for getting screen shots from Wayland. It’s dependent on what compositor ( window manager / shell ) the user is running, and if they implemented a proprietary API to do so.” – Reference:

To work around the issue, here two solutions: 

1. Login Ubuntu 17.10 or Fedora 25 with Xorg display server. 

Please refer the below instruction:


2. Use "gnome-screenshot" command to capture screen.

    1) Download and install the new version of Worksnaps Client here --    

    2) Install gnome-screenshot using the following command:  

    $sudo apt-get install gnome-screenshot

    3) Start using Worksnaps Client as normal. 

    (This version of Worksnaps Client uses "gnome-screenshot" to capture screen. You will see your screen flash briefly when screen shots are taken. )