This article shows you how to link your Podio account with Worksnaps account and how to import projects and tasks from Podio into Worksnaps. 

Step 1. Get a new access token from Podio

1. Log into Worksnaps account via the web, go to Profile & Settings and click 3rd Party Integration tab, then click Podio tab (Figure 1). 

  Figure 1  

2. Turn on Podio Integration by switch the button from No to Yes. Then you will see Advanced Actions section underneath (Figure 2).


  Figure 2  

3. Click the link in Advanced Actions section to get a new access token. You will see a pop-up dialog (Figure 3). 


 Figure 3  

4. Click Get access token button, then you will see a new window that you will be prompted by Podio to log in (Figure 4).

 Figure 4 

5. Enter your email and password to log into your Podio account. If the email and password you provided are valid, the connection to Podio will be successful (Figure 5). Now you have authorized Worksnaps to connect to Podio. (Figure 5)

 Figure 5 

Step 2. Sync Projects and Tasks from Podio

1. Click the second link in Advanced Actions section to sync projects and tasks from your Podio account. You will see a pop-up window (Figure 6).


 Figure 6 

2. Click Next button to go to Step 2 and you will see the list of your Podio projects (i.e., Podio workspace). Select the one you want to import and click Next button (Figure 7).

 Figure 7 

3. The task list of the selected will be fetched from Podio (i.e., Podio workspace task). Click Next button to continue (Figure 8).

 Figure 8 

4. Click Import Project button. The selected project and the associated tasks will be imported into Worksnaps (Figure 9).


Figure 9

5. You can click Close button to close the pop-up window. Now you can go to Manage >> Manage Projects tab and find the imported project from Podio. Depending on what your role in Podio is, you can be either a Manager or a Owner in the imported project (Figure 10).

Note: If you want to see your Podio users in Worksnaps, you need to ask your users to perform the same steps as described above (i.e., establishing access token from Podio and importing project/task). Once your users import the same project, you will be able to see them in the project in Worksnaps. 


 Figure 10