Some organizations have work schedule for their workers. For example, a company might require its employees to work from 9:00am to 5:00pm on weekdays. In Worksnaps, you can set up a work schedule to assign it to your users so that you can make sure that you users only work within a specific time range during a day. 

The followings are the steps to set up a work schedule and assign it to a user. 

1. Go to "Manage" >> "Manage Schedules". Click button "Create New Schedule".

2. Give a name to the new schedule you are going to create. You can also optionally give a description to it. Most importantly, you need to fill in the time range by specifying the allowed start time and end time. The start time and end time define the period within a day that a user can log time. You can define multiple time ranges in a day. You also need to specify the timezone for the time range. 

3. Once you have done with the configuration, click "Submit" button to save the work schedule. Then you should be able to see the newly created work schedule in the list. (Figure 3). 

4. Now you are ready to assign the schedule to a user in a project. Go to "Manage" >> "Manage Projects" and select a project. Then select "Users" in the left navigation tabs. Then click "User Settings in Project" for the user that you want to assign the work schedule to. 

5. You will see a page that allows you to set the configuration for the user in the project. You will find the option "Work Schedule". By default, the selection is "Open Work Schedule", meaning that there is no work schedule assigned therefore the user can log time any time during a day. You can open the drop-down and select the work schedule you just created, the click "Save Changes" button. Now the user is assigned to have the work schedule. 

From a user's perspective, if he tries to select the project that has work schedule assign to him in it, he will only be allowed to log time if the current time falls into the allowed time range. If the current time is not within the time range allowed in the schedule, the user will see the following message if he tries to select the project to log time. 

If a user is logging time to a project (when he started logging time it was within the work schedule's time range), and the end time of the work schedule has been reached, the user will receive a message telling him that he cannot log time anymore. In this case, he has to switch to a different project in which he is allowed to log time at the current moment.