The below is the workaround method to start Worksnaps client automatically during boot Linux system. 

1.Create a shell file anywhere on your machine, you can name it yourself, such as I created it on my home directory (/home/sky).

2.Input the Worksnaps installed path and execute file in shell. The below is example (you need to use yourself installed path).

3.Add execute privilege for the shell file by command chmod +x If you run "./", the Worksnaps client can launch normally, the shell file created correctly, then you can continue the next step. 

4.Open Startup Applications from Linux system.

5.Click Add button on Startup Applications Preferences dialog.

6.Select the created shell file and input name for it.

7.The startup application has set successfully. Then reboot Linux OS and try it. The Worksnaps client should be able to start automatically.