If your machine installed BitDefender antivirus software and encounter the Runtime Error when running Worksnaps client. Because Worksnaps need to write some log and file to $Document/worksnaps folder, but BitDefender block it, so Worksnaps client show error message. Please follow the below step to resolve it.

1. Right click BitDefender on taskbar to open right menu and click "Show".

2. Click Notifications on Bitdefender Total Security dialog. You will see "Application access blocked" message. Please click "View application" for any application acces blocked message.

3. You will see many applications was blocked in the list.

4. Click the button on the right to allow the below four Worksnaps applications to access. (NirCmd, S3Sample, TODO, Worksnaps Client). Maybe you see Worksnaps Client block message only, since other files will be invoked when capture screen and upload files to server, so please allow Worksnaps client first then run Worksnaps Client about 10 minutes, then refresh the block files list to allow them again.

5.Then launch Worksnaps again. The Worksnaps should be able to work normally.