Please download package from web page,  and select Save File to save the file, then open Terminal and switch to downloaded folder, following the below steps to install and run Worksnaps Client: 

 1 Unzip the package and add execute permission for the file.

 $ unzip

 $ chmod +x

 2  Execute the installation shell file. It will popup installation wizard dialog, following the instruction to complete the installation process.


 $ ./

 3  When you see the following dialog box, please uncheck Run WSClient checkbox and click Finish button.

 4 Now you will see WSClient.desktop icon on Desktop. If you are Ubuntu 18.04, you double click to run it. It will popup Untrusted application launcher dialog, please click Trust and Launch  (Ubuntu introduced new security measure from 18.04).

 5  If you are Ubuntu 20.04, right click WSClient.desktop and click Allow Launching from right menu.


 6  Now you will see WSClient.desktop icon showing up normally and the installation is complete.

 7 You can start Worksnaps Client by clicking the WSClient.desktop icon now.