This document describes the steps to set up new Freshbook project in Worksnaps. In a usual sequence, the administrator of Freshbooks account should perform the steps first, then the users (either Staff user or Contractor user) will perform the same steps. After that they will see each other in Worksnaps. 

Step 1 -- Create project in your freshbooks account

1. Log into your freshbooks account and select Projects from the left navigation, then click "Create New..." to create your project.

2. Enter project name and assign a client to the project.

3. Invite team members to the project.

You can assign the member role in the project, such as assign PM role to "jack zhu" member.

Step 2 -- Integration setup in Worksnaps

1. Enable freshbooks Integration button and click "Save Changes" button.

2. Connect to Freshbooks.

Click "Click here" link to connect to freshbooks.

3. Confirm to connect.

Click "Start Test" button to confirm the connect.

4. Freshbooks authentication.

If you have not login Freshbooks in your current browser, it will appear Freshbooks login dialog, then it will appear the authentitcation allow prompt, click the Allow button.

5. Connect to freshbooks successfully.

Step 3 -- Import project to Worksnaps

1. Click "click here" link under "Advanced Actions" section.

2. Click "Next" button on "Verify Freshbooks account" page.

3. Select one project to import.

4. Click "Import Project" button to import project.

5. Import project successfully.

6. When the project imported successfully, you can view the project in Worksnaps Manage Projects list.