By default, a user is allowed to add offline for himself. In some cases, a manager wants to review a user's request to add offline time and approve it per manager's discretion. In this case, a workflow can be enabled for users to add offline time requests that have to be approved by manager before the offline time takes effect. 

Here is an illustration how a user can add offline time requests to be approved by a manager of the project. 

1. The user can go to Track Time page, select the project and date that he/she wants to add offline time for. Then use "Actions" >> "Add Time" to bring up the following window. 

The user will follow the steps to add offline requests. In Step 1, the user selects the time slots that he/she wishes to add offline. Please note there is an informational message on the right telling the user that the time added needs to be approved by the manager. 

2. The user goes to Step 2, where he/she can select a task and enter a description for the offline time to be requested. 

3. The user goes to Step 3, where he/she confirms the information about the offline time he/she requests to add. 

Again, there is a hint to tell the user that the time needs to be approved by the manager. 

4. The user confirms the offline time request and it is sent to the manager for approval. 

Meanwhile, the manager of the project will receive a notification email about the user's offline request. 

5. When the user sees the refreshed Track Time page, he/she will see the pending offline time. 

(Note: The pending offline will not become effective until a manager approves it.)

Here is what a manager needs to do to approve users' offline time requests. 

1. When a manager goes to Track Time, if there is any offline time requests by his users, the manager will see a button "Offline Time Requests" at upper-right, with a number indicating how many pending requests are waiting for approval. 

2. Clicking on the "Offline Time Requests" button will bring up a pop-up window showing the offline time requests. By default, the Pending requests will be shown. You can also select the drop-down box at the top-right to see the offline time requests of other status. 

3. To approve an offline time request, you can click the green Approve button, then you will see the following page. You can enter the Manager Comments to the text box and click "Approve" button to approve the offline time. 

4. Once the offline time is approved, it will become effective and will shown on Track Time page for the user. 

5. The Manager can also decline the offline time by clicking the red Decline button. 

The declined offline requests will show like the following on Track Time page.