Windows System Information 

In the Windows Search text box, type in "System Information", then the Windows menu will bring up related items. Find "System Information" in the menu

Click "System Information" in the menu and a Dialog box will show up. 

Please capture the System Information dialog as a screenshot and send to us, or provide the following information: OS Name, Version 

.NET FrameWork Information 

You can obtain the local machine .Net Framework version by the following method:

1.  Open a File Browser and type in c:\Windows\Microsoft.Net\Framework64 in the address bar, and press enter to open the specified folder

2. You will see folder, please click to enter the folder. 

3. Please find the Accessibility.dll file, right click on the file to open the property by right menu.

4. A Properties dialog will show up, go to Details tab and find the File version. Please send us the screenshot of this dialog or provide us the File version.