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 Service outage due to server issues  (Resolved, Monitoring)

[6:10am 02/17/2020 GMT]

We are encountering issue with our servers. The service is temporarily down. We are working to resolve the issue and get it working. 

Meanwhile, please do the following as a temporary remedy: 

1) If Worksnaps Client is still running, please log out from it. 
2) Launch Worksnaps Client
3) In Login Dialog, click on Preferences button (if Windows) or the Gear button (if MAC or Linux).
4) In Preferences dialog, choose Connection.
5) In the Server Host Name field, enter "http://www.worksnaps.com" (without the double quotes). 
6) Click OK to close the Preferences dialog.
7) Log in with your credentials.

8a) If you can log in successfully, then proceed to select project/task, and start logging time. 

8b) If it does not work, go back to step 5 and enter "http://www.worksnaps.us" (without the double quotes), then try to log in again. 

For web access, please use us11.worksnaps.com or us5.worksnaps.com as your entry point.

[15:30pm 02/17/2020 GMT]

The servers are brought back to normal operation at this moment. However, due to the prolonged issue, there are a large number of unprocessed time slots that are yet to be processed. You might see many "Pending" time slots on your Track Time page. We are running jobs to process them. These "Pending" time slots will turned into active time slots once they have been processed.

[18:20pm 02/17/2020 GMT]

The system is mostly back to normal. You should be able to log time and view the time in the web console. If you still have trouble logging in with Worksnaps Client or access the web console, please use the steps above. 

What if I have time missing (i.e., not logged) during the server trouble? 

The server issue might have caused some time to be missing, not logged by Worksnaps Client. If this is your case, please add the missing time as offline time (help link here). If you do not have the permission to do so, please ask your manager to add the time for you. This incident report can serve as the information to justify the addition of the missing time as your offline time. 


IMPORTANT (01/14/2019) -- If you are experiencing issue with connecting to the server with Worksnaps Client, please follow this instruction to resolve the issue. 

[Previous incident]

 Service Temporarily Unavailable  (resolved)

[6:00pm 10/14/2019 GMT]

There is currently network connectivity issue in our data center. The service is temporarily unavailable. We are working to fix the issue as soon as we can. 

[6:09pm 10/14/2019 GMT]

We hare restored the service. It is up running now.