[Current Status]

 Service is operating normally 

The service is operating normally. 

If you see any issue, please open a ticket to us or send email to support@worksnaps.net.

[Last Incident]

 API Service is temporarily not available  (Resolved) 

[05:50am, 09/04/2018 GMT]

Due to network issue on the server that handles API requests, the API service (api.worksnaps.com) is temporarily not available. This does not affect using Worknsaps Client to log time or accessing the web interface. It only affects the invocation of API calls.

[18:20pm, 09/04/2018 GMT]

The issue has been resolved. The API service is now available. 

 We are performing Service Maintenance  (Completed)

[15:40pm, 08/19/2018 GMT]

We are currently performing service maintenance. You can still using Worksnaps Client to log time. However, the web interface will be temporarily unavailable. 

We will try to complete maintenance as soon as we can. 

[16:20pm, 08/19/2018 GMT]

We have completed the maintenance. You should be able to use web console now.