[Current Status]

 The server is operating normally 

If you see any issue, please open a ticket with us or send an email to support@worksnaps.net. 

[Previous Incident]

The server is experiencing technical issue now (resolved)

[15:00pm 03/25/2019 GMT]

We are currently experiencing technical now and we are working to resolve it. 

You might experience issue with logging time and visiting web console at this moment. 

[17:10pm 03/25/2019 GMT]

We have restored the service. You should be able to log time and visit web console now. 

However there were some missing time for the past few hours. We are checking the issue in more detail. 

[18:28pm 03/25/2019 GMT]

We continue to investigate the issue that occurs between 8:00am and 17:00pm GMT which caused some users not being able to log time successfully during the period.

It appears that one of the servers encountered unusual high load (possibly a DDoS attack) and failed to process and write the data into the database. This resulted in the time records being queued on the user's side (which is a normal behavior). However, there is a limit of 180 minutes for the queued time records (* see note below). Once the limit is reached, Worksnaps client program will suspend the time logging until the queued time records are sent to the server. Therefore if the issue lasts longer than 180 minutes, there will be missing time. Unfortunately this happened to some of the users today. 

(* The limit of 180 minutes is intended to prevent users intentionally queue large amount of time on the computer and send it at once, which might cause unnecessary dispute between users and managers/employers.)

[20:10pm 03/25/2019 GMT]

Here is the detailed incident report. Please follow the instruction on checking and adding your missing time if necessary --