[Current Status]

 Service is operating normally 

If you see any issue, please open a ticket, or send email to support@worksnaps.net. 

[Last Incidents]

 www.worksnaps.com is temporarily not available  (Resolved)

[10:20pm 02/28/2019 GMT]

www.worksnaps.com is temporarily not available due to technical issue. You can access the web console by going to www.worksnaps.net. 

This only affects the web console access, and it should not affect logging time using Worksnaps Client. 

We will update the status on the availability of www.worksnaps.com site. 

[11:10pm 02/28/2019]

www.worksnaps.com is up running now. The issue has been resolved. 

There is delay in processing active screen records  (Resolved) 

[06:30am, 10/03/2018 GMT]

There is delay in processing the activity screen records. You might see that some of the recent screen shots are in "Pending" state. We are working to catch up the processing of the screen records. 

[09:30am, 10/03/2018 GMT]

We have almost finished catching up with the processing of the screen records. It should be up to date within an hour or so. 

Thank you for your patience. 

[011:30am, 10/03/2018 GMT]

The issue has been resolved. All the screen records should be processed.