[Current Status]

 Service is operating normally 

If you see any issue, please open a ticket or send email to support@worksnaps.net.

[Previous incident]

 Service Temporarily Unavailable  (resolved)

[6:00pm 10/14/2019 GMT]

There is currently network connectivity issue in our data center. The service is temporarily unavailable. We are working to fix the issue as soon as we can. 

[6:09pm 10/14/2019 GMT]

We hare restored the service. It is up running now. 

[Previous Incident]

 We are experiencing server issue now. Worksnaps service is temporarily not available  (resolved)

[7:20am 09/13/2019 GMT]

We are experiencing server issue right now and Worksnaps service is temporarily not available. We are working to resolve the issue now and will keep you updated. 

[8:55am 09/13/2019 GMT]

We have brought up the server and the service is up running. However, due to the significant down time, there are many screen shots that need to be processed. You will see many "Pending" screen shots on Track Time page. Please allow some time for them to be processed. 

[12:20pm 09/13/2019 GMT]

All the pending screen shots have been processed. 

Note: During the outage, some users were not able to log in using Worksnaps Client. Therefore you might not be able to log time during the outage. For any missing work hours, please add them as offline time. If your manager/employer need justification for the offline time, please use this incident report as such, or open a ticket and we will explain the situation as needed.