[Current Status]

 Service is operating normally, web console access to www.worksnaps.com is temporarily down 

[13:10am 04/04/2020 GMT]

There is some issue with accessing the web console via www.worksnaps.com. We are looking into the issue now. Please use us22.worksnaps.com to access the web console for now. 

This is not affecting using Worksnaps Client to log time 

[Last Status]

Service outage due to server issues  (Resolved)

[10:05am 03/26/2020 GMT]

We had a server failure. The service was temporarily down. 

[10:25am 03/26/2020 GMT]

We have brought back the server. The service is working now. We are monitoring the health of the service.

There is a large number of unprocessed time slots as you might notice the pending time slots on Track Time page. They are being processed and we hope to catch up shortly.