If you want to set an hourly rate for a user so that you can use the rate in reports and invoices, you can do it by the following steps: 


1) go to "Manage" >> "Manage Users" 

2) select a user to edit (Figure 1).



 Figure 1 


3) select "Projects" tab on the left to see a list of the projects the user is in (Figure 2).


 Figure 2 


4) click "User Settings in Project" link for a project (Figure 3).

 Figure 3 


5) You will see a page where can set the rate of the user in the project. Enter the rate and click "Save Changes" button (Figure 4). By default, the rate can be seen by the user himself. If you do not want the user to see the rate that you set as a Manager, you can turn off the option "Allow this user to view and use the rate". If you turn off the option, the user will use the rate in his own profile to generate reports that include financial data.


 Figure 4 

6) Once hourly rate is set, then the reports and invoices you create afterwards will use the rate to calculate the amount.

(Please note that the rate will take effect on the reports and invoices created after it is set. For the existing invoices the rate will not change because invoices are saved as static documents.)