We provide two ways to create an invoice

  • using an existing report to create an invoice

  • directly setting criteria to create an invoice

Before creating an invoice, please make sure that you set the rate of your users

1. Go to Report tab and click Invoices ( Figure 1 )

 Figure 1 


2. Click Create New Invoice button ( Figure 2 ) to bring up Create Invoice page.

 Figure 2 

3. Three fields are required including Invoice Name, Biller and Customer to create an invoice. A Biller is the person or company who issues the invoice. A Customer is the person or company who receives and pays the invoice. If you already have Biller and Customer set up, you can simply select them from the drop-down list. Otherwise, you can follow the link to create them first. ( Figure 3  and  Figure 4 

 Figure 3 

 Figure 4 


4. Use an existing report to create an invoice. If you already have some reports, you can simply select a report and generate an invoice based on the report. For example, you already have a report that include the logged time for your users for the week just ended, you can generate an invoice for the same week by selecting the respective report. ( Figure 5 )

 Figure 5 

4 (alternative). You can also create an invoice by directly setting up the criteria that you want to generate the invoice with. The form for setting the criteria is pretty much the same as that to generate a report. The following ( Figure 6 ) is an example. 


 Figure 6 

5. Once you have filled in all the necessary information for the form, click Submit button to generate the invoice. Upon success, you will see an a page that displays the generated invoice. 

Please note that an invoice is a static document that cannot be changed. If the included data is not what exactly you need, you can go back to create a new invoice by setting the right criteria. 

Here is an example of an invoice.