When you generate a report, you can set up reporting criteria to query the data that you want. When you go to a report page, you can first select a Time Period that suits your need. The Time Period can be changed by using the drop-down at the top right of the page. The Time period can be either Day, Week, Two Weeks, SemiMonth, Month or a custom range defined by you. 

With the Time Period fixed, you can use the Show more options link to expand the report form to define further criteria ( Figure 1 ).

 Figure 1 

After you expand the report form, you will see the following ( Figure 2 ). 

 Figure 2 

In this form, you can set a number of criteria for the report. The following is a list of such criteria. 

Projects -- you can select one or more projects and only generate the report for the time logged in the selected project(s). Leave the field empty if you want to report on all your projects. 

Users -- you can select one or more users and only generate the report for the time logged by the selected user(s). Leave the field empty if you want to report on all your users. 

Time Zone -- you can choose the time zone that the report is based on. By default it is set to your own time zone. Please note that time zone determines the date boundary and could affect the report result. 

Display Option -- you can select either to display the logged time only or display the logged time as well as the amount calculated by the logged time and each user's rate. 

Group By -- you can order the report result by project, user, date or task. There are two levels of grouping that you can define. 

Time Range within a Day -- you can set a time range within a day so that the report only include the time logged within the defined range. For example, you can report on the logged time from 9:00am to 5:00pm only. 

Online vs. Offline Time -- you can choose to include only online time or both online and offline time. 

Task Filter -- if you want to include time logged against certain tasks, you can specify the task filter. For example, you can specify task filter to be "design | coding". Then the report will only include the time logged to tasks that has the string "design" or "coding". 

Group by user comments in addition to tasks -- sometimes you not only want to group the time by tasks, you also want to list the user comment as separate line items. In such case, you can check this option so that the time with different user comments will be listed separately. 

Once you have set these criteria, click Update Report button to generate a new report based on the selected criteria.