After you create an invoice, you can share the invoice with others. Worksnaps provides two ways for sharing an invoice: 

  • Use a permalink
  • Share with target users

Share an invoice using permalink 


By using permalink, you easily share an invoice with others by just sending out the permalink to them. Those who receive the permalink can use it to view the invoice without having a Worksnaps account.

Here is an example how you share a inovice by using permalink. 


1. Go to Report Tab and choose Invoices (Figure 1). 

 Figure 1 

2. Find a specific Invoice and click Display Invoice button to display the invoice (Figure 2)

 Figure 2 

3. Once the invoice is shown, you can find a permalink to this invoice at the bottom of the page (Figure 3).

 Figure 3 

4. You can just copy and paste this link and send it to whoever you want to share this invoice with. 

Share an Invoice with target users


You choose specific users to share a invoice with. Those users will receive an email about the shared invoice. For internal users (i.e., the users who already have Worksnaps account), they will see the shared invoice in their invoice list. For external users, they will simply receive an email with a permalink to the invoice.


Here is how you share a invoice with target users.


1. Go to Invoice Tab page and click Display Invoice button to show the invoice (Figure 4). 

 Figure 4 

2. Once the invoice is shown, you can find Share to Others button (Figure 5).

 Figure 5 

3. Then you will see a dialog box which allows you to select who you want to share the invoice with. The first section is a list of internal users. The second section is for you to type in the email of the external users you want to share the invoice with (Figure 6). Click Send Email button once you have selected the users. 


 Figure 6 


4. The users that you share the invoice with will receive an email message about that you have shared a invoice with them. 

5. For those internal users that you share the invoice with, the invoice will show up in their invoice list marked by a label "Shared by <user>" (Figure 7).  They can view the invoice by clicking the Display Invoice button.

 Figure 7 

For external users, the permalink to the invoice will be in the notification email they receive. They can just follow the link to view the invoice.