Sometimes you have many projects assigned to a user. It is a bit tedious to go into each project to set the user's rate in the project. There is a easier way to set the user's rate in all projects that the user is in. 

1. Go to "Manage" >> "Manage Users" page. 

2. Find the user that you want to set the rate for, and click the "Edit" button. 

3. You will see a button named "Set rate for this user", click on it. 

4. You will see a pop-up that allows you to input a rate. Enter the rate for the user, and select the projects you want to apply the user's rate to (by default all projects are selected), then click "Apply Rate to Selected Project(s)" button. 

5. Now the rate is set for the user in the projects. 

To see how to set a user's rate in an individual project, please see this document.