We had experienced a technical issue on Mar 25, 2019. There was unusual high traffic (possible due to DDoS attack) between 8:00am and 17:00pm GMT on Mar 25, 2019 on one of our servers. During the time, the target servers had been failing to process user requests and write the data to the database. This resulted in the time records being queued on the user's side (which is a normal behavior). 

However, there is a limit of 180 minutes for the queued time records (* see note below). Once the limit is reached, Worksnaps client program will suspend the time logging until the queued time records are sent to the server. Therefore if the issue lasts longer than 180 minutes, there will be missing time. Unfortunately this happened to some of the users today. In such case, users would notice a floating message saying "Cache limit of 180 minutes has been reached" or "Your worksnaps cache is full.".

(* The limit of 180 minutes is intended to prevent users intentionally queue large amount of time on the computer and send it at once, which might cause unnecessary dispute between users and managers/employers.

At one time (around 15:00pm), the web console was interrupted briefly. When you try to access the web console, you might see "Service Temporarily Unavailable" message or an "Technical error" message. 

Now the problematic server has been restored and we are actively monitoring its health and status. 

We would suggest you do the followings:

1) If your Worksnaps Client is not running, you can launch it, log in, select project/task, and start logging time as usual. If you have time queued from last session, the queued time should be able to logged to the server. You can check the web console (by going to "Track Time" page) shortly to see if some of your prior time has appeared. 

2) After Step (1) is done, if there are still missing time, it means that you are affected by the extended service interruption of the failed server. In this case, please add the missing offline time to claim the hours. If you are not set up to add offline time (in some cases, a manager disables the capability to his/her users), please work with your manager to add the time for you. Here is a help document on how to add offline time -- https://worksnaps.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/4000034551-how-to-add-offline-time-for-yourself-

We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused. We understand that it does require some manual work to add back the missing.