If you see the following message when trying to log in with Worksnaps Client on Windows --

please do the following to resolve the issue:

1) Try checking the Internet Option on your Windows to see it can quickly solve the issue. 


If it works, you can just ignore the following steps. 

2) If the setting Internet Option does not work in last step, please download the new Worksnaps Client from this link -- 


3) Launch Worksnaps Client, enter your username and password to log in. 

If you can log in, then things are fine. If not, please proceed to the next step. 

4) If log-in fails in step 2, please do the following diagnosis.

    3a) Click Preferences button on the Login dialog.

    4b) In Preferences dialog, select "Connection" on the left, then click Diagnosis button.

    4c) In Diagnosis dialog, click "Test" button to run test for the connection to the server. In a few seconds, the output will be shown in the text area. You can copy the output and send it to us for investigation. You can send it to support@worksnaps.net or open a ticket. Please make sure that you specify your username in Worksnaps when sending it.